Following our international conference on meaning construction and meaning interpretation at the University of La Rioja in July 2013, the Organizing Committee is considering the prospective publication of two volumes addressing relevant research topics and new directions in Cognitive Linguistics.

Volume 1. A cognitive-linguistic approach to figurative language: Metaphor and beyond. We seek papers within the field of Cognitive Linguistics concentrating on the dynamic nature of metaphor and its potentiality to interact with other figures of thought. Therefore, theoretical and applied contributions focusing on non-verbal metaphor and/or metaphor in interaction with metonymy, hyperbole, oxymoron, irony, etc., in different modalities are particularly welcomed.

Volume 2. Constructing families of constructions. We look for papers that (1) discuss how to detect families of constructions and the way to describe and explain their linguistic and communicative behavior, and/or (2) provide a fine-grained analysis of a so-far unexplored (or insufficiently explored) family of constructions. Here we invite contributions hinging on at least one case study of a family of constructions with particular attention to the applications and implications of the analytic methodology.

Our general aim is to publish papers that explore new avenues and/or take a critical stance on the latest developments on these topics within Cognitive Linguistics.

If you wish to contribute a paper to one of these prospective volumes, please submit a title with a 500-word abstract outlining topic, approach, and sources, as well as how you think your paper would contribute to the objectives of the volume you have chosen. Please send along your CV and full contact information as well.

Your abstract should be sent to the Organizing Committee at <> by September 23, 2013. Do not forget to specify in the subject of the mail “Submission for Volume 1” or “Submission for Volume 2”, respectively. If, on the basis of internal examination and assessment of all proposals we think we can put together two scientifically appealing volumes, we will let you know individually before the end of September with a view to making the corresponding official proposals to the editors of the series Human Cognitive Processing of John Benjamins in early October. If the volume proposals receive provisional official endorsement, we will contact all selected contributors to set up deadlines for the reception of the papers, internal refereeing, formatting and official submission to the series for external refereeing.

Please address all inquiries to the same email address.