The Center for Research on the Applications of Language (CRAL), based at the University of La Rioja (Spain), solicits papers for the III International Conference on Meaning Construction, Meaning Interpretation: Applications and Implications (CRAL 2013), to be held on July 18-20, 2013, at the Quintiliano building of the University of La Rioja.

The conference is open to presentations on a range of topics related to Cognitive Linguistics and compatible approaches to language, both from a theoretical and an applied perspective. We invite proposals on subjects including but not limited to: metaphor theory, metonymy, cognitive models, cognitive stylistics, figurative language use in L1 and in additional languages including foreign languages and multilingual acquisition, theory of figurative language acquisition and development, vocabulary and figurative language in foreign languages, applications of figurative language (to lexicography, translation, language teaching and methodology, etc.).

Questions and correspondence may be addressed to Paula Pérez, co-chair of the Organizing Committee, to and/or