OFFICIAL CRAL 2013 Hotel reservation information

Hotel Category Price room with breakfast/night
Single Twin
HUSA GRAN VIA **** 66,00 € 72,00 €
F&G *** 63,80 € 69,30 €

VAT included in all cases.

Reservation options cover from July, 17 (check-in) to July, 21 (check-out).

Reservations will be made through the Registration link, which will be opened on April 12.

Non official information *

Low-budget accommodation

Accommodation Category Price room/night
Single room Twin room
Residencia La Ribera Student dorms (private bathroom and kitchen) 27,00-42,00 € 36,00-49,00 €
Residencia Latinoamericana (Salvatorianos) Student dorms 31,80 € €

Conference participants who may wish to explore other accommodation options may find the following link useful:ño

* Disclaimer: the options provided above are given for informational purposes only; these are not official CRAL 2013 options.